Bite Night - Web Series

Each year Subway sponsors two web series coming out of USC and NYU Film School. This year our team was selected and granted 40K to produce three episodes. We're proud of this piece for it's high production value, engaging story, and our first large scale FX makeup was a success! Collaborators on this project included Yusuke Tateishi a FX make up artist with experience on MTV's Teen Wolf, actress Kelly Washington who for all you Parks and Rec fans was the lead in the Model UN episode, and advised by Content and Company a Los Angeles based agency specializing in entertaining branded video content.

The story follows a high school track runner who falls for a guy at school who happens to work as a Subway Sandwish Artist near the campus. During an important race, our star trips and falls. The trip leaves the school wondering if it was an accident, a sabotage or something... supernatural.

The project premiered on MyDamnChannel and at the IFC Crossroads House at SXSW 2013. We are so thankful to the sponsors who brought this web series to life.

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