Flixie iPad Application - TV & Video Search

Have you ever tried to find content on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or Epix? There is not easy or fun way to search for content on these platforms. This is where Flixie comes in. The application will search mutliple content providers for a specific film or television show, or help you decide what to watch.

I met my partner in creating web and ipad applications at USC's Marshall School of Business. We came up with the idea at a Hackathon focusing on solving problems in the entertainment industry, specifically TV and Film. Our engineers are busy creating a functioning interface.

Here's what Film Independent had to say about our product:

"Another favorite was the curated discovery search offered by FLIXie (flixieapp.com), which streamlined the hunt for movies to watch online by aggregating results from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more in one platform (how many times have you searched for “watch [this movie] online” and gotten some rather, er… dubious… results?)." - Film Independent

Visit the Flixie Website Watch Teams Pitch @ Film Independent