Gamer Girl Short Documentary

The gaming industry was recently boosted into the public eye when Anita Sarkeensian raised over $150,000 on Kickstarter to make online videos about female troupes in video games. She was hoping for $6,000. The amount of money she received angered a lot of avid male gamers. Hateful comments, videos, and backlash hit Sarkeesian hard. Shortly after Twitter became an outlet for women who work in interactive gaming to talk about their experiences working in the industry. Why is this niche of a culture resistant to examining the role of women who work and play video games?

We follow both women gamers and women who work in the industry talk about their experiences to figure out if ladies are treated like the guys or treated with disrespect. We follow notable women in the all sorts of niches in the gaming world. Jenny Haniver is a first person shooter gaming enthusiast and creator of a website that plays audio of the odd and raunchy things guys say to her during gaming. Mia Rose is a porn star turned professional gamer who left porn to pursue a career as a professional gamer, we see how she successfully creates her trending channel. Ashley Zelden is an indie game developer who has a video game collection that rivals many. Finally we meet women who work for EA, Zynga, startup companies, and interactive students in the nation's top interactive gaming school, USC. The film is in post production.

My roles on the film are director & producer.

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