Lumilight - A Video Chat Light

Have you ever gone to chat in Google Hangout or Skype and hated the way you look? A computer screen casts a heinous glow onto our faces, most lighting in our homes are too dim or only create shadows on the face anyways. That's what Lumilight does, makes you look good on video chat. Whether you are talking to friends, keeping up with a long distance relationship, have a job interview, have a youtube channel, or talk with loved ones who serve overseas, Lumilight makes makes video chatting fun and stress free.

Our project is headed by two women with a strong cinematograhpy background, who understand good lighting. Christina Granados, myself, and a team of engineers are scouring the globe for the best and smallest source of light. My skills in this project are product design, development, and I created our website. Take a look at it below.

With advisement from the founder of Beachmint, Diego Berdakin, and the generosity of inventor Jamie Shiminoff (Edison Junior Design Labs) we've hit key development benchmarks.

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